John Donovan has spoken on evangelization to dozens of audiences in Catholic parishes from Maine to Virginia...for absolutely free.  This is not a business, obviously, but actually something that is meant to be a holy apostolate.  He believes he can teach you how to evangelize and that if we fail at evangelization souls will be lost.,

   His book, "Evangelize With Mary," is in its second printing and lists for $24.95 and can be mailed to you for an additional $4 shipping and handling fee.  

   The book is available onsite during parish visits for $20 or whatever one can afford.  In fact, if one can't afford the book at all, look John in the eye and promise to read the 300-page text cover-to-cover and you can have it free.  It's that important!.

   You can assist in arranging parish visits by consulting your pastor, asking him to view this website and helping him contact us.  Events include speaking for three minutes after each weekend mass and subsequently presenting a 75-minute audio-visual, interactive training session in a suitable facility.



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Act now to learn how to reach out and to make reconciliation possible for others 

Evangelize With Mary



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John Donovan, also co-author of "Raising Our Voice"(the history of U.S. Army Public Affairs, Vol. I), has spent 50 years (and counting) in mass communications.  In 1968 he was one of 55 college juniors to receive a Wall Street Journal Scholarship.  As a reporter for the Kansas City Star, he covered politics and other events including President Harry S Truman in his final days in Independence, MO. As an Army Public Affairs officer, he created the Public Affairs Annex to the Army's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Accident/incident Plan and served on the personal staff of the Army's On-scene Commander.  As advisor to the Army Chief of Public Affairs at the Pentagon for 22 years, he received a second civilian Legion of Merit medal for building the Army public affairs civilian force and other duties including training both miiltary and civilian officials on how to address negative news. He was the leader of a team which submitted the winning entry for the Public Relations Society of America's "Silver Anvil," in regard to the Army's recovery from the drill sergeant sexual misconduct scandal of the late 1990's.