Evangelize With Mary


you will find methods and techniques for breaking down communication barriers and hesitancies that can obstruct evangelization.  The book begins with (and is mostly) a thorough analysis of all the great thought about Mary through the ages by both the most famous as well as less famous but highly credible theologians throughout the history of Christianity, including even Protestant theologians.  Emphasis on Mary is important because it reminds us of her three great evangelization attributes: obedience, docility and humility.  In her dialogue with Elizabeth she became the first and best evangelizer.  The book also includes an analysis of Catholic teaching in general as well as hot-button issues such as scandal, contraception, abortion, gender, etc. This is meant to help in-the-pew Catholics develop a better understanding and command of Catholicism.  The book enjoys an imprimatur and nihil obstat from the Bishop of Arlington, VA.

At the end, and what distinguishes this book from other similar ones, are chapters and appendices that teach communication theory as well as master messages to assist in the development of an evangelization intervention, a scripted, planned and brief encounter with an individual who is drifting away or who has left the Catholic Church.